726 Console - JavaFX 8 Edition

726 TECHNOLOGY INC is pleased to announce the beta release of 726 Console FX, a powerful client-side application for the acquisition of market data.

Written purely in Java 8, the Console runs seamlessly on Linux, Mac, and Windows workstations.

To find out more about the Console and for information on joining the beta program, please click the link below.

726 is a provider SuiteCRM solutions

A complete Customer Relationship Management system out of the box

726 has partnered with SuiteCRM to deliver a truly world-class customer relationship management solution. Open-source and one of the best overall values on the market today, 726 offers a complete system as outlined on our solutions page.

SuiteCRM Screen

The Java Paradigm

Our customers take great comfort in the technologies used by 726, and Java 8 is the backbone of our development paradigm.

Java 8 introduced JavaFX 8

One of the many great features to come out of the Java 8 platform has been JavaFX 8. With JavaFX 8, cross platform desktop applicatoins have never been easier to create.

726 has selected this technology in particular as a tool that we can use to deliver outstanding solutions to our customers with for years to come.

ETRM know-how

Whether your organization needs project support or integration technology, 726 has the ETRM experience to get the job done.

To find out more about our ETRM services, follow the link below.